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Turf Certification (TurfCert) is an initiative of the Australian Seeds Authority Ltd (ASA), a NOT FOR PROFIT Company.

ASA has over a decades experience in design, development, delivery and administration of major, independent, transparent National Quality Assurance support Systems designed to efficiently enhance quality agricultural product delivery worldwide.

TurfCert Objective: To provide a Turf Certification Scheme giving confidence to buyers of vegetatively propagated turf that what they are offered for sale is true-to-type for that variety, and is free from other turf cultivars and proscribed weed species.

TurfCert is based on well documented principals for:

  1. supplying quality Turf to customers
  2. provision of a QA process based on structure, monitoring, assessment, review & feedback
  3. progressive Scheme development with participants; and
  4. Simplicity & independence of operation.

TurfCert is about capturing the essence of good QA practices in Turf Production and Turf Certification, and providing systems and control points to ensure they are followed, documented and rewarded.

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Whatever your role in Turf, TurfCert has a lot of benefits for you.

Breeders of Turf Varieties will have structured processes, controls and review points for themselves, and for any Growers they authorise to grow their Varieties. Online (private) records will detail the key QA points and inspections of production. Variations will be brought to their attention. Final Turf products when Certified will allow the issuing of a Certificate of Compliance covering the production and purity of their products.

Growers will have Certified product to sell, together with the confidence of meeting best practice standards for their product.

Inspectors once accredited with TurfCert will have opportunity to service the industry inspection requirements through arrangements with Turf producers.

Customers have the peace of mind that comes with a controlled QA process verification for their purchases.

Everyone. Even if you just want a FREE entry in the Industry Directory.

ASA TurfCert is not in competition with anyone in the Turf Industry. Our services will compliment your Business.

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To start, nothing. Its FREE. You can create an account on this site now, with no obligation, using the “Free Account” menu item above.

You can then (Optionally, your choice) create an Industry Directory Record, business or personal, and you can add photos, logos, and details of your business or service, and have these viewable by TurfCert Members or the Public (again, your choice).

At this time TurfCert doesn’t charge to Register Varieties. Nor to Register Crops or record Inspections.

You will be expected to pay independent Inspectors, and TurfCert may receive a portion of this fee.

TurfCert does charge Growers when they produce a Certificate for Certified Crop Sales. So there is little or no outlay until a committed sale occurs.

Breeders and Growers are required to record all sales from a registered crop, and to commit that they will not sell or transfer any portion of a TurfCert registered crop without recording the transaction on the TurfCert website.

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We’re just getting started. Where we go from here though is largely in your hands.

Long experience has shown us that further developments of this type of service critically depends on where you, the clients, want to take it. Critical questions for us include:

. where do the customers want this to go, and how can we deliver that?

. how can we tap into the leaders and influencers of the Turf Industry and meet their needs?

. what are the Industry development needs and plans. Where is future growth?

ASA TurfCert knows that developing standards and processes must come from the Industry, not the Bureaucrats. We have long supported Industry workgroups and advisory committees in these roles. People are keen to support and develop an Industry that has provided for them. They are usually most generous when approached.

So we will be looking to set up, or tap into, and support industry workgroups and advisory groups to guide the future of TurfCert.

The Providers listed in the Directory are the early adopters of this Quality Assurance initiative. Entries are displayed for your information.

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About TurfCert

TurfCert is an initiative of the Australian Seeds Authority (ASA, see below). TurfCert is designed to: identify and co-operatively develop best practice Rules covering Turf Certification, Production, Marketing, Delivery and related services; to provide an efficient and effective mechanism for all Industry Participants to contribute to and follow these rules; to record and to provide for independent certification of their products and services compliance; and by doing these things to provide Industry and Customers with a measured Quality and Assurance Process for their benefit.

About ASA

The Australian Seeds Authority (ASA) is a not-for-profit company. Jointly established in 2003 by Seed Industry representative organisations, and licensed by the Australian Government, ASA established, developed and manages national Seed Certification in Australia. This is fully consistent with the OECD Schemes for the Varietal Certification and the Control of Seed Moving in International Trade.

Our objective for the Seed Industry is to provide unified International Level Quality Standards and Processes for the Australian Seeds Industry. This supports product standards and sales, and OECD International Regulation compliance. It has been developed and managed with affordable, minimal cost to industry, and reliable and verifiable results.

ASA has decided to expand our general approach to other industries. ASA does not and will not become a competitor to any Industry Participants. We do not want to become a Regulatory Agency imposing inflexible rules on anyone. Our approach is to provide a Quality Framework and Systems to implement it. This is for voluntary use by Industry and its Customers, to meet emerging quality and product delivery needs. Its a completely independent product Quality verification framework.

We are seeking partnerships with all existing and new Industry Participants to help deliver verified Quality. Our modest cost recovery is designed to occur towards the end of product processes, where it is most affordable.

Theres much more information on this site and our ASA Site. We will be developing a range of services for our members. Please use the contact form if you want to ask any questions. We would like to discuss how we can help your business.